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British designer Sophie Darling accessories label specializes in the unique. Our distinctive aesthetic and innovative pattern techniques assure our followers high quality & versatilty in designer accessories. Our designs are individual, timeless, statement pieces- handcrafted with artistry and love.





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Gosh, that went quick, is it really 5 months since last we spoke?! Time seems to fly by faster than ever at the moment and the older I get the faster it seems to go! I always like to email when I have something exciting to shout about. And this time I cant stop shouting because I am so excited to announce my next pop up.

We've been doing pop ups in various sites over the last few years but this year having done a large amount of renovations on my home I thought what better location for this springs seasonal launch than the Darling homestead. Its the most perfect backdrop, space, style, G&T on tap. Lovely.

So whats the plan...we open on the Friday the 11th May at 6. We'll be having drinks that evening til 9.30, hopefully basking in some sunshine whilst perusing the new collection and supping on a cold glass of Prosecco.

We'll then be open Saturday and Sunday 11-6. That's it. Yes, I know this is short, and that's why I will seriously need you guys to focus and book the time in your crazy diaries so you don't miss out.

I am doing things a little differently this year with a live print workshop on the Saturday (only) you'll be able to bring along a t' of your own which we will customize with a Sophie Darling classic print for a small fee.

Very importantly I will also have my gorgeous colleagues and friends Holly M, and Sorrel Bay Fine Jewels, who also have plenty to shout about. You NEED to see. Please pop onto their websites to see their current collections.

And now for some pictures.....


We'll have 2 collections on show this May. Our ready to wear pieces which are all hand printed at Darling Studios, including our quintessential scarves and sweatshirts. We are re-releasing a classic design with embroidered detail by the stunningly talented Ellie Mac. We'll also have tee's, sweatshirt dresses, loose summer sack dresses and cool custom made tee's.
Then there is our To Order collection. This is where you'll find all our bomber jackets, sports tanks, jump suits, and our much anticipated denim jackets that are a collaboration between myself and Ellie Mac.
Really rather gorgeous
Then there is our samples and things that frankly need to move on darling


Lastly, (then I'll let you go) I really don't know if I showed you this before, but I have been working with The House of Artists releasing 5 prints as wall murals. They really are stunning and I am very lucky to have one in my house! which you can see when you come to the pop up.

Available to order through The House of Artists. Please follow the link to see more!