Hello Darlings, wow, what a lovely bunch you are. We're just into week 3 at the shop and I've been quite blown away by all the love and kind messages sent in support of our latest Darling venture- not to mention those of you who have swung by to say hello. But- were not done yet as well as the shop we still have a few important London and Brighton dates for your
Darling diaries.
Have a quick look below and see what's to come.
Sophie x

Darling Pop Up, 2 Hannington's Lane Brighton, BN1 1GS

Remember its not just me in the shop- we have several carefeully chosen guest designers; Holly M Leather, Silver Spur, Grace Wilmshurst and her beautiful prints and Paula Kirkwood with her leather accessories for the boys. We also have Vivienne Ridley with her beautifully reworked vintage jewellery collection and Red Eden Olive with gorgeously crafted, carefully chosen plants and wreaths arriving weekly, Marie from Sorrel Bay will also be returning with her fair trade gold jewellery for the weekend of the 5th of December.
Ooo- and did i mention LATE NIGHT SHOPPING EVENING? Dec 5th were open late along with much of the surrounding shops.

Sophie Darling