Sophie Darling
I’m at my happiest in the print studio. Silk screens prepped, inks mixed, fabrics laid and out and endless possibilities ahead. 
I completely fell in love with screen printing about 20 years ago after completing a course at The London Printworks Trust in Brixton. Having studied painting at university, silk screen printing felt very natural from the beginning - working in layers as I always had with a paint brush.
I love the print process, the gradual overlaying of form and colour to create an alchemic end result. 
Sophie Darling started out 7 seven years ago as a kind of print sketchbook, I started experimenting back in the studio turning my illustrations into prints. The response was so heartwarming and Sophie Darling was born.
Since then I have built ’the Darling' one print at a time. I work with talented people in my local community from pattern cutters to seamstresses to create hand made, luxury garments where the print and pattern design do the talking.
We are not just about fashion, we are about print, expression and versatility. 
We are not bound by trend, shape or factories. 
We are print led, slow fashion on tailored silhouettes, designed for creatively minded, forward thinking individuals who want from more their wardrobe.
Sophie Darling, step out of the ordinary and into the unique.
Product photography all courtesy of Helen Marsden and Hanson Images, jewellery by Sorrel Bay.