Hi there, I’m Sophie Darling, the founder of Sophie Darling. Over a decade ago, I embarked on a journey to create a label that embraced direct sales to my beloved customers. After a brief hiatus to care for my two young children, I found myself yearning to return to the print studio, reigniting my passion for creation. With the remnants of a previous business, I dusted off a silk screen, sketched some simple designs, and began crafting prints that would become the essence of Sophie Darling.

Rooted in fine art, my vision was to infuse my work with the same artistic sensibilities that had always driven me. Opting for a slow and deliberate approach, I remained in control of my craft while balancing the joys of motherhood. As my children grew and demanded less of my time, I poured my heart and soul into refining my skills and exploring the boundless possibilities of print and pattern.

From humble beginnings at craft shows and pop-ups to the establishment of two brick-and-mortar shops, Sophie Darling has evolved into a celebration of craftsmanship. Our focus isn’t on mass production; it’s about crafting exquisite pieces, each imbued with its own story and charm.

With no formal training in fashion, my journey has been one of self-discovery, shaping the unique identity of our label. Sophie Darling isn’t about following trends; it’s about creating timeless, statement pieces that inspire confidence and joy.

At the heart of our ethos is a commitment to community and sustainability. We proudly collaborate with local artisans in Brighton, where every piece is lovingly crafted by hand.

Our offerings span two realms: ready-to-wear collections and made-to-order pieces, each reflecting our dedication to flexibility and individuality. Every member of our passionate team shares in our vision and pours their expertise into every garment we create.

Thank you for joining me on this roller coaster ride of entrepreneurship. While there’s still much more to share, I’m grateful for your support and presence on this journey.

Our studio in Brighton serves as both our headquarters and creative hub, where we meticulously hand-print our signature scarves and fabrics. Since our inception in 2014, we’ve remained steadfast in our commitment to sustainable practices and community engagement.

 Meet the Team

Brontë (second in command!): Our behind-the-scenes powerhouse, leads our production team with precision and care. With a meticulous eye for detail, she ensures that each order receives the utmost attention from start to finish.

Beyond production, Brontë also manages our fulfilment operations and keeps you informed through our newsletters and captivating photography.

Brontë is renowned for her client relationships, liaising on a personal level over every order, communicating the made-to-order process from start to finish.

Sue (Head Seamstress): The guiding light of our making team. With a wealth of experience garnered from leading the senior sampling teams at prestigious ateliers in London, Sue brings unparalleled expertise to Sophie Darling.

Under Sue's meticulous craftsmanship, every vision springs to life. She painstakingly crafts our samples, ensuring that each garment reaches its full potential. With her sharp eye for detail and problem-solving skills, Sue deftly navigates the intricacies of each print, ensuring they radiate in all their glory.

Dedicated to perfection, Sue endeavours to ensure that every Sophie Darling creation drapes flawlessly, embodying the essence of elegance and refinement.

Jess (pattern cutter and seamstress): A member of our team for over two years, Jess embodies Sophie Darling’s spirit. She was drawn to us, captivated by our ethos and delivery, and has since become an invaluable member of the seamstress team.

Her recent transition to pattern cutting has brought a new energy and creative flair to our creations, ensuring that every piece you wear is a testament to her passion for our brand.

Jax (Shop Mistress!): Having been Sophie's friend for two decades, it was only natural for Jax to join the team, given her intimate understanding of Sophie Darling's journey and her innate knack for connecting with people.

With her flair for styling both the shop and our customers, she enhances the in-store experience, much to the delight of our clientele.

Irena (seamstress): As the latest addition to our team, she was highly recommended by Sarah Arnett, with whom she honed her skills in the bridal department over five years. Bringing warmth, style, charm, and finesse, she contributes to maintaining and enhancing the exceptional product delivery synonymous with Sophie Darling.

Thank you for being a part of the Sophie Darling story.