In honour of Earth Day and Fashion Revolution Week, I thought I would give you a bit of insight into what steps we are taking to make Sophie Darling more sustainable. 

First and foremost WE make your clothes! Sophie Darling is not a one woman band, I have an amazing team of incredibly talented people all based right here in Sussex that make each item with me. 

All of my team earn a living wage and I work with talented people right here in Sussex to help the local economy, as well as reduce emissions from transportation. 

Not only do we make each item ourselves, but we also make them to-order to ensure that we are not overproducing. We of course have samples for you to try on in our stunning shop. When you purchase an item we will get to work making your bespoke piece right away, and send it straight to your loving arms in a few weeks. 

Another element to sustainability is knowing what your clothes are made from. Transparency is key in the fashion industry and we want to be honest about the fabrics we use here at Sophie Darling.  Although we do use many eco-friendly textiles, not every piece can be made that way, however each garment is made to the highest possible standard to ensure longevity and is intended to be a life-long piece; therefore reducing the amount of fashion that ends up in landfill. 

We are also proud to be using OEKO-TEX® Certified TENCEL™ which we use to create our beautiful Harper and Love Haori Kimonos, as well as using OEKO-TEX® Certified Cotton to create our Utility Jackets. To learn more about OEKO-TEX® and how they are working to make textile and leather production more sustainable click here. 

For our digitally printed designs we use certified Azo free dyes, which are safer to work with for myself and my team, and also better for the environment.

We are also proud to be working with Carbon Click to help off-set our carbon footprint, by offering this to every single purchase made through our website.  Carbon Click partnerships such as ours have helped  remove 14,581,312 kg of CO2 from the atmosphere, the equivalent of 729,066 years of tree growth!

Although we are doing a lot to support our slow fashion ethos, we are constantly looking at ways that we can further improve. If you have any ideas on how we can improve please email us on , because we know that even small changes make a big impact. 

Happy Earth Day Everyone! 

Xx Sophie

Sophie Darling