The team have been working hard behind the scenes to get you a big July drop of darling goodies. 

Firstly we have 4 new hand printed t-shirts. I design the layout and colours as I work. I prefer working this way as it makes it more playful and less computer focused. It does also mean we don't know what's going to drop until right before. This is one of the reasons we don't take pre-orders on the T's. 

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We also have a new batch of patchwork star sweatshirts, with a couple of them made in a new grey shade. We will slowly be introducing some more sweatshirt colours over the coming months. Theses sweatshirts are made from bomber jacket fabric offcuts. Jess our studio assistant carefully organises the fabrics, presses, and interfaces before cutting into diamonds. Because we have so many fabrics there are endless combinations- it's exciting seeing them take shape in the studio. Our lead seamstress then presses and sews the diamonds onto the sweatshirts to create the beautifully crafted stars.

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Lastly we've been working on some hybrid silk kimono jackets. Similar to our hybrid bomber jackets we've paired together different darling prints to make these unique combos. The results always blows my mind because I just love them. Each one completely unique and one of a kind. 

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We hope you manage to get a piece you love. 

Lots of love SD x

Sophie Darling