What better way to kick off a new year than by committing to more sustainable fashion choices. As you know our aim at Sophie Darling is to bring you staple pieces that will be treasured for a lifetime and are as sustainable as they are stylish. 

With the crisis of fast-fashion looming over us, making more sustainable choices when it comes to your clothes is a great step to protect the planet. Reducing the amount of clothes going to landfill, minimising the carbon-footprint of your purchases and helping small businesses thrive along the way, you can also look forward to years of wear of your favourite pieces.

Good on You, a website committed to creating change within the fashion industry, sums it up perfectly - “By thinking of the garments we wear as short term tools rather than long term investments, we contribute to wasteful consumption patterns that inevitably lead us towards drastic climate change.”

Here at Sophie Darling we always strive to make the most sustainable choices when it comes to our products, from ethically sourced materials to partnering with NoIssue for our amazing sustainable packaging, every step of our production process has sustainability at its core. Making every piece to order reduces our waste and means each item is unique to you - the total opposite to mass produced products.

We know committing to sustainable fashion choices can be difficult, especially when we are surrounded by tempting fast-fashion fixes, but making one switch can help bring us closer to turning fast-fashion faux pas into slow-fashion success! We want you to treasure every item in your wardrobe, where less is certainly more. Making conscious choices about our clothes and where they come from, is something that should be everyone's resolution for 2022 and beyond.

Guest writer: Caroline King Starling VA Services

Brittany Hart