Oh my darlings what a whirlwind these last few months have been! If launching a new collection, running a small business, and changing shops during a pandemic wasn’t enough, I also became a midwife for my darling Frida girl!

Yes, we have puppies, and they are just as gorgeous as their Mum. Having a house full of sweet snuggly babies is fun, but also a bit bonkers to say the least! It will absolutely be bitter sweet saying goodbye to their perfect little faces, but knowing that each and every one of them is headed to the most amazing family really makes my heart so full.

Frida has been a spectacular  Mum, but it is time for her sweet pups to go to their forever homes, and I know we will all miss them terribly. Thankfully we will still get to visit and have puppy play dates, so happy times all around! 

Never a dull moment at ‘The Darling’! Now on to the next adventure….

Xx Soph

Sophie Darling