Our iconic bomber jackets are what we are best known for so we wanted to take the time to tell you a bit of the history behind the jacket  

The name bomber jackets actually originates from WW1 bomber plane pilots. In these times they were made from thick heavy duty leather and fur. 

During WW2 there was a need for something warmer and less bulky which is when we saw the bomber jacket evolve into the MA-1 in the late 1950s. This is the classic sage green nylon bomber jacket that you may relate to fighter pilots. They were often made with bright orange insides that could be worn inside out to signal a rescue mission. The green colour was used to help camouflage the pilots on the ground. 

After the war surplus Alpha MA-1 jackets were brought by the public. In the UK the bomber jacket was adopted by mods and 'skinheads' pairing perfectly with their masculine, military attire. 

Meanwhile, US soldiers stationed in Japan began decorating their jackets with Japanese art and keeping them as souvenirs. 'Sukajan(souvenir jackets) became a fashion statement of rebellion in the 60s. In the US as hip hop music saw its rise to fame military attire became streetwear. It was in the 80s that Alpha began producing clothing for commercial use and not just for military. 

In 1986 Top Gun, starring Tom Cruise featured in a G-1 flight jacket that made fashion history. It was then that bomber jackets entered their high fashion era with thanks to designer Jean Paul Gaultier. 

Now you can find endless variations on a bomber jacket from high street to high end. Our printed silk bomber jackets merge wearable art with functionality, creating beautiful outerwear you will return to time and time again. 

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Bronte Palmer