The winds of change…bringing fresh perspectives and new ideas at Sophie Darling! 

I recently returned from a much needed break in Lanzarote, where the winds blew warm and the sun revived me. It is so easy to get so focussed on your work passion that you forget to look up and enjoy your other passions, which is why we went. 

We drank wine, ate gorgeous food, and explored the island in peace as we were some of the only tourists around. Lanzarote reinvigorated us both and inspired me to start creating again for the next collection! 

I have been so full of ideas and inspiration that the creative process really is in full swing now. My team and I are playing with colours, shapes, and designs, and putting our final touches on some very island inspired prints.

 Of course there will always be a pinch of geometric design interlaced with the organic shapes, in true Sophie Darling style. I am loving all the new prints and I very much hope you do too! 

Watch this space for more reveals and pop in to the shop to find some unique one off pieces as we begin the sampling process…exciting times ahead!

Xx Soph

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