With silly season fast approaching, all of us at the Darling have been working away like sustainable fashion elves creating new and exciting gifts for everyone this Christmas. 

At Sophie Darling our main focus is to bring you sustainable staple pieces that will last a lifetime and will be treasured always. We know that it isn’t always possible to shop sustainably, especially during the holidays, which is why we have broadened our range to include some lovely eco-friendly gifts that will make the whole family smile. 

We have beautiful recycled plastic coasters, unique wooden vases, sustainably sourced wool blankets (that are as snuggly as they are pretty), and our newest favourite, Sophie Darling sustainable jigsaw puzzles! They are so colourful and fun, the absolute perfect gift for the puzzle master in your life. 

Not only that, but we are creating unique off cut fabric boxes, which have all of your favourite prints in mini size ready to be used for crafting and patching. We also have some stunning new neckties, collars, and frilled hand warmers that are an ideal gift for anyone who loves a bit of flare! 

The next time you are wandering the laines looking at the lovely lights, please pop in and see us and all our wonderful bits. See you soon! 

Xx Soph

Sophie Darling