Dear Darling Community,

We have big news: we're on the move! The time has come for a change, so as of the end of May, we'll be saying goodbye to our Gloucester Road location and relocating the collection to the heart of our Brighton Studios.


This decision has weighed heavily on my mind for months, pondering the best way to share it with you, my Darlings. It hasn't been an easy choice, but after careful consideration and a fair few sleepless nights I'm getting excited about the vision we’re crafting for a more cohesive future; where the collection and the studio are one. For some time now I have struggled with the 2 locations, feeling that I am not achieving the best for either.


The shop has been an absolute joy and I have loved the space, and the countless people we have met but with the lease renewal looming, I know the time is right for a transformation. Consolidating our collection under one roof at Darling Studios feels like the perfect next step.


But what does this mean for you, our wonderful community? Fear not! We're introducing monthly open weekends where we'll open our studio doors wide, inviting you to see a different side of our slow fashion ethos. My intention is your visit will be more immersive, see live demos of our crafting and printing processes, experience a workshop or two and see our space, deepening your connection to our journey and our products.


While we'll undoubtedly miss the charm of our shop, we're really looking forward to this next stage of our journey offering you a more cohesive vision of what it truly means to be a slow fashion brand.


Our ethos remains unchanged: to create beautiful things, one piece at a time. And now, more than ever, we're super happy to share this next stage of our story with you.


Change can be daunting, but it's also incredibly thrilling. And to celebrate this momentous occasion, we're hosting a farewell party on Saturday the 25th of May! Join us as we bid adieu to our Gloucester Road site and make way for the future. We’ll be clearing the decs for the move and quaffing bubbles to celebrate.


Our last open day will be Sunday the 26th of May before we close our doors and commence the next stage of Sophie Darling.


With love and a steadfast commitment to slow fashion,


SD and the Darling Team x


Sophie Darling