Sustainable Fashion, Slow Fashion, Eco-Fashion, Green Fashion, Ethical Fashion, Circular Fashion, there are so many ways to describe how we can all make simple changes to our shopping habits to help the planet.

We know that we aren't perfect and there will always be things we can improve upon, which is why it is so important to keep our eye on our values and continue to make changes to lessen our global impact. 

The founding ethos of Sophie Darling is creating staple pieces that will last a lifetime and be wardrobe staples for generations. By investing in exceptional quality garments, we reduce the need for fast-fashion and instead have a wardrobe filled with quality, not quantity. 

At 'The Darling' we are always looking for new ways to help our brand become more sustainable. This year we have shifted our creation style to limit our production by only creating made to order pieces, and only having sample sizes in our shops whenever possible. 

We have also very recently done away with most of our box packaging. As much as we love the presentation and the gorgeous look of the boxes, we felt like making this change would allow us to take another step towards being more eco-friendly. Plus the packaging is just another barrier between you and your precious new Sophie Darling piece, and we want it in your loving hands as soon as possible! 

Another one of our core beliefs has always been supporting local artisans and keeping our production as local as possible. Sustainability starts at home, and we keep our little Darling family close. Our creation studio is only a short walk from our shop, and our incredible textile cutters and seamstresses are all Brighton based. We are also proud to be certified as a living wage business. 

What's next on the agenda for Sophie Darling Sustainability? We are looking into the idea of a Vegan Silk collection, also working with different cotton manufacturers, button designers, and eco-friendly dying techniques. Sustainability is constantly evolving and we are evolving along with it.  

Have any amazing ideas that you think we should be considering? Please share them with us at We are always keen to learn more about how we can be a better more sustainable business so feel free to get in touch or pop in for a chat. It would be grand to see you! 

Xx Soph


Sophie Darling