Our business is made up of a small select team of passionate makers, headed up by founder Sophie Darling. 

Our office and HQ is based out of our studio in Brighton, it's also where we do all of our signature silk screen printed scarves and fabrics. Since starting the label in 2014 Sophie has built the label one print at a time initially hand printing all of her collections herself.
Having run a wholesale accessories business in the past running the business in a sustainable and achievable way was a top priority. Her strong family values and desire to work with people within her community inspired the brand as it is today.  Sophie Darling In Print Room

 Screen printing involves getting designs onto enormous light sensitive silk screens that are made up of an incredibly fine flat mesh. What you are left with is a stencil, which you can print time and time again onto a variety of fabrics and mediums. It’s a traditional time honoured technique modernised through an interpretation of differing techniques. It takes time to get everything right, experimenting with colour and layers to create multiple prints, each with their own unique nuisances.

Meet some of the team

Firstly meet, me, Sophie on the left and Bronte on the right. Bronte heads up all our production, she is the one that keeps in touch and updates you on your order progress. She also heads up the fulfillment side of the business and manages our news letters and photography.
Meet Rosie, my main garment cutter when I am not avaialble. She cuts and makes most of our bomber jackets. Likes boats and working her socks off.
Sophie Darling's makers
Beverly plays a crucial role in the early conception of each and every garment. She pattern cuts, toiles and makes all of our initial samples down to the finest details, meticulously sewing each of our kimono, yohji and bomber jackets.
Sophie Darlings Sewing Room
All of my team are multi taskers and designer makers in their own right. That's why I love to work with them. Everyone has a part to play and collaborative ideas is where all our collections start, every maker brings a different set of skills to the cutting table. 
 All images shot by Hanson Images