Made-to-order clothing has a ton of great benefits, especially when it comes to helping the environment and changing how we shop:

Reducing Waste

The fashion industry creates about 92 million tonnes of textile waste every year. Made-to-order clothing helps reduce this by only making garments when there’s an actual demand, so there’s way less waste.

Using Fewer Resources

The initial production phase of clothing is super resource-intensive and polluting. Made-to-order labels like us, only produce what’s needed, saving water, energy, and raw materials, and leading to a much smaller environmental footprint.

Fewer Returns

Since our made-to-order garments can be customised to fit you perfectly, we experience fewer returns. Unlike fast fashion, where people buy multiple sizes and styles and return what doesn’t fit, reducing returns helps cut down on the environmental cost of shipping and processing those items.

Lower Carbon Emissions

By only producing predominantly what is ordered we reduce waste, and minimize returns, our made-to-order clothing leads to lower carbon emissions. Less mass production and fewer shipments mean a smaller carbon footprint overall.

Encouraging Mindful Purchases

Made-to-order clothing encourages more mindful shopping habits. Instead of buying tons of cheap items that are rarely worn, you invest in higher-quality, personalised pieces. These items are more durable and cherished, leading to longer use and fewer replacements.

Longevity and Quality

Since made-to-order items are crafted to your  preferences, they’re always higher quality and fit better. This means they’ll last longer in your wardrobe, promoting sustainable fashion practices and reducing the need for frequent new purchases.

While you might have to wait 3-6 weeks for your made-to-order clothing, the long-term benefits—both for the planet and your personal satisfaction—make it worth the wait. Choosing made-to-order clothing helps create a more sustainable fashion industry and encourages thoughtful and highly valued consumption.