Hi Darlings, welcome to another Studio Diaries. I can't believe its the end of February already. Is it just me or did that go so fast? 

Here's a recap of what we've been up to this month in the studio. 

Sophie has been busy design new prints, release dates coming soon so watch this space. 

Jess has been busy working on our Utility jacket pattern as we noticed several things we were no longer happy with on the pattern. We have also been working on a Koto Jacket rework - both will be available later this year. 

A new feature- Frida's best photo from the month. We couldn't not go with this one of her wearing Soph's hat- bloody brilliant. We also had a visit from Pip who is Sue's (our head seamstresses dog). She's a stunner! 

Here's to March and springtime on the horizon. 

Lots of Love Darlings x

Sophie Darling