More reductions darlings!  Make sure you have a little mooch about the site to see if there is something you love, or have loved from afar. There is still some of our bombers and I adore the Patchwork Appliqué scarf. We also have a few of the much loved appliqué silk star sweatshirts that are going up to 40% off. 

Why do we partake in sales you may ask?

1. As a small business operating under ethical production practises we try not to over produce or create any waste. We do however have made stock for our shop in Brighton, so the sale is on these already made pieces. Sales h
elp us get pieces that may have not been so popular to good homes. 

2. Cash flow! It's important to keep cash flowing through the business and sales enable us to work on new products. 

3. Prices, we know our prices are not accessible for everyone so by putting some things in the sale it may enable clients who have been saving up to purchase their forever darling piece. It is also nice for us to be able to offer discounts for our returning and loyal clients. 


Happy shopping Darlings. SD x 

Sophie Darling